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Empowering Your Logistics Journey

UNITS provides customized and flexible storage spaces in UNITS warehouses supported by reliable delivery services and managed digitally.
Our Features

UNITS Unmatched Advantages


Safety and Security

Our warehouse is designed with safety and security in mind, implementing various measures such as security cameras and access control systems to safeguard our inventory and employees.

Customize Spaces

We offer a distinctive service, allowing clients to personalize their storage space according to their needs. This flexibility empowers them to optimize storage while avoiding unnecessary costs.

Fast Delivery

Equipped with a fleet of over 50 cars, we ensure swift and efficient delivery of every order. Our extensive fleet guarantees that we always have the necessary resources to meet delivery deadlines promptly.

Competitive Prices

We maintain our competitive pricing advantage by offering fixed rates over contract periods, unaffected by seasonality or distance, empowering clients to budget with confidence and certainty.
Who We Are

Your Partner in Storage, Supply, and Logistics

Unlock seamless storage, supply, and logistics solutions with UNITS. Our extensive network of warehouses caters to diverse needs, ensuring efficient management and operation for businesses across Saudi Arabia.

Active Warehouses
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Revolutionizing Business Operations

Innovating daily to track business dynamics, we offer solutions for operational ease. Managing brands and enhancing customer experiences are our goals. We strive to facilitate daily operations for entrepreneurs.
Storage Efficiency
Logistics Mastery
Business Growth
Who We Are

Reliable Logistics Partner

Trust UNITS to provide dependable logistics solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring smooth operations and timely deliveries for your business.

Rented Spaces
Our Products

Elevate Your Operations with Us

Tailored solutions for your storage and logistics needs, ensuring seamless operations and growth opportunities for your business.
Client Interface

Logistics Suite: Your Complete Solution

Our all-in-one logistics platform makes managing, refining, and distributing your inventory effortless. With a user-friendly dashboard, we streamline your logistics journey, ensuring seamless operations from start to finish.


Your Complete Warehousing Solution

We are committed to providing transparent, reliable, and efficient services that exceed our clients' expectations and contribute to their success.

Client Testimonials

Voices of Satisfaction

Noman Ahmed

UNITS truly understands the challenges of managing a brand and providing exceptional customer experiences. Their comprehensive solutions have been instrumental in enhancing our operations and delighting our customers. Couldn’t be happier with their services!

Noman Ahmed

Sheikh Ijaz

I can’t thank UNITS enough for their continuous support in facilitating our daily operations. Their expertise in logistics and dedication to exceeding client expectations have made them an indispensable asset to our business. Trustworthy, reliable, and highly recommended!

Sheikh Ijaz


UNITS was the missing piece in finding the café’s logistics solution, as it took responsibility for inventory management and control, as well as optimizing the delivery process to the branch. Thank you, UNITS.


Co-Founder - CALIBRATED Coffee Roasters
Sara AlHumaidan

Our experience with UNITS was wonderful; they were quick to respond, maintained effective and continuous communication, and adhered to deadlines with precision. They are commended for their attention to inventory and for providing updated recommendations aimed at enhancing work performance. Their willingness to assist outside of official working hours to ensure the continuity of work is a valuable addition. I wish UNITS continued success and prosperity.

Sara AlHumaidan

CEO and Founder - Raseel Gifts